Reading for Reconciliation

Reading, the act of gathering information from the printed word, is not so simple. In fact, reading can be a dangerous thing. It can change the course of history. It can start a movement. A revolution, however small.

There is not better way to discover the complex crazy world around us and the minds of people that tickle our funny bones or stir our consciousness than reading. In so reading, exploring, dissecting that we come into our being (or unbeing).

We have music. We have the arts. But reading shapes us like no other medium. Words are portable, more so than a tune or picture. Dogma and propaganda aside, we hope that words we read are good and good for us. Because we readers tend to read things again and again. We make a diet of ruminated words.

Before there can be good reading, there should be good writing. And before good writing, there must be good thinking. Reading (good or bad) shapes our own thoughts. Our thoughts, if rich and deep (good) enough, move us into similar definitive action.

So it was with this mindset that I announced the 17seeds’ Reading for Reconciliation initiative. Little did I know that others have had the same thoughts.

So enjoy reading back through the October 2008 entries of 17Seeds’ Reading for Reconciliation.