Chicken or Ham

Trick or Treat
Smelly Feet
Chicken or Ham
In a red and green can

I thought I’d throw in a little Halloween humor (okay, maybe humor is a stretch), since it is close to October 31 (otherwise known as Halloween in the US). To many kids in the US, October 31 is a holiday worthy of celebrating with much fanfare and CANDY.

In my house, we don’t celebrate Halloween. Okay, we have been known to go to a fall festival or carnival on October 31 but I’ve convinced myself that by going out at night to collect candy and play carnival games is not celebrating the day as a holiday.

Halloween has always been a strange ‘holiday’ to me. I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween (or going to fall festivals for that matter). That’s right, I never dressed up in a costume on the last day of October and begged for candy in the dark.

In my little girl mind, only white folks celebrated Halloween. Black folks didn’t do such foolishness. Nowadays, Halloween is totally integrated. Equal opportunity. Fully reconciled!

There must be something about the costumes or the candy that brings folks around the table of brotherhood. Maybe this is the key to reconciling American Christians.

Okay folks, dress up in your favorite (non-threatening) character from a sitcom, blockbuster movie, or Bible story, grab a sturdy (reflective) plastic container, and go door-to-door collecting food. Then go back to your homes, dump everything on the kitchen table and split it up evenly.

Everyone would be filled with awe and many wonders and miracles of multiplication would be witnessed. They would have everything in common. And everyone would have what they needed for months and months. Steak, potatoes, corn, beans. Chicken and ham … you name it.

Yes, it would be great. The First Church of Halloween.